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M42 Helmet.

In nice overall condition, no internal rust. There are unit markings under the side vent which could be researched. The liner is a replacement, probably late war with a stamped RBNr and in nice supple condition with an original tie string. Manufacturers stamp is HKP64 with batch no:3479. A great example of an M42. Maker stamp HKP64 batch no:3479

Code: 24

630.00 AUD

Helferinnen ( Female ) combat boots.

These same type boots were often seen on SS female concentration camp guards. The notorious and postwar executed SS guard Irma Grese is pictured wearing similar. These were procured from Germany and are in fine condition. Perfect for a mannequin of any Helferinnen personell of all services. Obviously these are very rare and desirable.

Code: 25

375.00 AUD

Helferinnen ( Female ) combat boots.

Another pair of Helferinnen combat boots, again similar to SS concentration camp guards. Also used in various services by female personell, I've seen photos of Luftwaffe Helferinnen manning the anti-aircraft flak guns with similar. Again these were sourced from Germany and are in fine condition.

Code: 26

350.00 AUD

Adolf Hitler Cufftitle

RZM Bevo style cufftitle, unissued, no pulls or flaws.
Has the correct seven strand wire borders.
This one came to me as part of a trade with a local dealer.
I gave him credit for $1500 Australian dollars but I believe $1250 is a fair price.
Free shipping on this one.

Code: 23

1250.00 AUD

RAAF service sidecap

In nice condition with an interior label stating it was manufactured in Australia in 1944, size is 7 and 1/8th.

Code: 22

120.00 AUD

SS Matchbox

In nice condition and containing its matches.
The label features the SS Runes across the sails of a stylised viking ship.
It has the SS loyalty oath " Meine Ehre heist Treue"
I cannot say this is a pre 1945 item but I believe it is, whatever its rare and interesting.

Code: 21

45.00 AUD

NSKOV Matchbox

In nice condition including its matches.
It has the it's imposing emblem with the dagger through it, the words "NSKOV ZUNDER zu GUNSTEN der N.S. KREIGSOPFERVERSORGUNG K.S.L".
I cannot say it is a pre 1945 item but I believe it is, whatever, its rare and interesting.

Code: 20

45.00 AUD

SA Matchbox

Featuring the SA symbol and the words "Kom auch Du!", also "Weide Dich bei Deiner Ortsgruppe !.
In nice condition including matches.
I cannot claim these as of pre 1945 manufacture but I believe they are, whatever, they have appeal.

Code: 19

45.00 AUD

SS Matchbox Case

A unusual item that was offered for purchase to SS personell, great used condition.
I have seen a copy of this same example advertised in a period catalogue of SS accessories for sale.
As with all my items unless stated otherwise they are all guaranteed pre 1945 original.

Code: 18

185.00 AUD

HJ Knife

A beautiful example in all respects, they don't get much better than this one.
The manufacturers stamp reads A.W.Jr Solingen Ges.Geschutzt, the blade has never been sharpened
and has the motto " Blut und Ehre".
From my own collection of over 20 years.

Code: 17

900.00 AUD

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