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Panzer Wrap

A textbook eye catching larger size Heer Panzer Wrap ( Feldjacke fur Panzertruppe ) made of fine rich wool with rayon lining.
Featuring the Iron Cross ribbon sewed into the top eyelet with two sewed in loops for fixing medals.
It has depot and size markings in the interior.
Truly the breast eagle is one of the finest I've seen with brilliant bullion rounds, stitching does not go through the inner lining.
It has the zig zag stitching underneath the collar.
It has all internal straps for belt attatchment and various other straps and loops.
If more photos desired email me, also for any other items.
AUD$7500 = USA$4650. Free Shipping.

Code: 105

7500.00 AUD

SS tinnie

A delightful tinnie featuring a viking longboat with sail unfurled showing the stylised SS runes.
border scroll reads " DEN WIR FAHREN GEGEN ENGELLAND" translated it reads "THAT WE DRIVE AGAINST ENGLAND".
Marked Ges Gesch.
$AUD120 = USA$85. Free Shipping

Code: 104

120.00 AUD

Heer service medal

In extra fine condition this WW2 German Heer 4 year service medal is offered minus ribbon at a keen price.
USA$95 = AUS$130. Shipping Included.

Code: 103

130.00 AUD

NSDAP Political Leader Buckle

Here we have a nice 1940 Political Leader ( Politische Leiter) in light gilted gold aluminium wiithout keeper.
RZM Hallmarked with manufacturer's stampings of M4/116.
Keenly priced at only USA$135 = AUD$190 with shipping included.

Code: 102

190.00 AUD

WW2 DRK Buckle

A perfect condition WW2 German Red Cross Officer's aluminium belt buckle with keepers.
Hallmarked correctly GES GESCH 2.
I researched other examples sold prices and will let this go at substantially less. USA$250 = AUD$350. Shipping Included.

Code: 101

350.00 AUD

Penal-Prison Buckle German WW2

Here we have an exceptionally rare Third Reich Penal-Prison Administration Official 1937 aluminium buckle with the eagle facing left.
GES GESCH hallmarked with a no2 stamp within a circle.
A perfect example identical to the photo in Bob Evans illustrated handbook"Third Reich Belt Buckles .
An identical one is currently listed on a well known dealer's site for USA$595 plus shipping....I can beat that....this one is USA$475 = AUD$660 shipping included.

Code: 100

660.00 AUD

M43 WSS Cap

Nice example of this seldom found late war M43 ER/NCO field cap, typical of the Italian Berven company construction, low grade wool is rough and "hairy", trapezoid hand applied insignia is typical to the period. Interior is nicely lined and shows normal wear , stamped size 58. there is one very small moth hole to the side flap.
AUD$2200 = USA$1560. Free Shipping

Code: 76

2200.00 AUD

WW2 combat belt.

Heer early pebbled combat belt and buckle, leather is soft and supple and is approx 950mm long. The eagle body is smooth from wear and you just know it was worn for a long time and surely saw combat.
No photo's up of this belt yet but believe me you would be more than well pleased with it.
Free shipping. AUD$450 = USA$325

Code: 99

450.00 AUD

K98 Ammo Pouches.

Here is a great pair of K98 ammunition pouches.
The leather is soft and supple, all pouches open and close properly, both are RB numbered and in fact came off the same belt which I will be listing seperately.
From my own collection.
Free Shipping. AUD$450 = USA$325

Code: 98

450.00 AUD

SS Service Award

A very rare SS 4 year service medal (Dienstauszeichnung) complete with it's original case of issue .
The case has the runes impressed to the lid and is in very nice condition.
The medal has a nice shampfered eyering and teardrop suspender with the original ribbon included
Unmarked, but these medals were exclusively produced by Deschler & Sohn of Munich and Petz & Lorenz of Unterreichenbach.
Exquisite manufacturing quality with very fine details weighing correctly at 24 grams.
From my own collection.
Free shipping. Priced AUD$2500 = USA$1795.
I,ve seen them sell for quite a sum more.

Code: 97

2500.00 AUD