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SA Sports Badge

A very rare SA sports badge for the war wounded. The badge is marked M1/52 for Deschler & Sohn. A well known dealer still has one listed but now sold at USA$350. You can purchase this fine example including tracked delivery for AUD$350 which is USA$260.

Code: 78

350.00 AUD


This is a high quality original WW11 officers bullion cufftitle. It is exactly the same as another one I've pictured, sold but still listed at collectorsmilitaria. This one is in great condition just somewhat faded. These bullion examples are around but rare, don't miss this one at a very fair price, shipping included.

Code: 77

575.00 AUD

M43 WSS Cap

Nice example of this seldom found M43 ER/NCO field cap, typical of the Italian Berven company construction, low grade wool is rough and "hairy", trapezoid hand applied insignia is typical to the period. Interior is nicely lined and shows normal wear , stamped size 58. there is one small moth hole to the side flap. Priced keenly in Australian dollars and includes shipping.

Code: 76

3000.00 AUD

DLV 2nd Pattern Visor Cap Insignia

Deutscher Luftsportverband (DLV) was an organisation founded by the NSDAP in March 1933. The "Sport" in the name helped conceal the fact that they were not really a sport organisation but rather made up of units that conducted military flight training specifically the training of military pilots. The head of the DLV was Hermann Goring and Ernst Rohm was deputy. A rare and significant badge of a somewhat secret quasi military arm of the NSDAP. Maker stamped "B & N LUDENSCHEID and GES Gesh marked. Condition is perfect in all respects, both prongs intact, a lovely interesting badge. Free Shipping.

Code: 75

225.00 AUD

Kreigsmarine Uboat hat emblem.

This device has two holes for fastening to the KM service cap. Each Uboat had their own distinctive emblem, this is cap removed, the underside is shiny smooth the other weathered. If this could talk what stories of Uboat action could it tell. A super rare piece, a must for any KM collector, I doubt there's any of these original WW2 emblems available. Shipping included.

Code: 74

185.00 AUD

LW 2nd pattern dagger grip.

Apart from a small chip missing from the top this is a desirable and rare version with the twisted springy style wired grip. The chip could have some coloured to suit resin filler applied , quite easily done with a little research. Priced accordingly with chip.

Code: 72

100.00 AUD

RAD officer's collar tabs.

A wonderful pair of RAD (reicharbeitdienst) Kragenspiegel for Arbeitsfuhrer der Oberstarbeitsfuhrer. These collar tabs are of a very high ranked RAD officer, it was an insight to learn that RAD formations were also called to fight in combat when needed.

Code: 71

375.00 AUD

Adolf Hitler Cufftitle

RZM OR/NCO Bevo style cufftitle, unissued, no pulls or flaws.
Has the correct seven strand wire borders.
This one came to me as part of a trade with a local dealer.
I gave him credit for $1500 Australian dollars but I believe $1250 is a fair price.
Free shipping on this one.

Code: 23

1100.00 AUD

WW11 Officers Belt.

With a gold buckle this indicates a high ranked officer. It has the RZM stamp, I think the maker is WERNSTUCK,stamped L2/134/39.it has handwritten on the underside near the buckle (SBK Berner JO SS 17.23, hopefully someone will know the meaning of this. Belt is a large size 1160mm, nearly 4 feet. Leather is supple and in fine condition. Priced in Australian dollars. FREE SHIPPING!

Code: 40

450.00 AUD

Tank Combat Badge

One of my favourite decorations this example of the tank combat bage is awesome. It has the bronze finish with really great patina and being a quality piece even the rear is coloured which I believe may cover the maker stamp. It closely resembles some early Deumer, made with a nice concave shape and similar catch arrangement. To qualify, tank crew must have fought a minimum of three tank engagements on three different days. A truly beautiful example ( forget the mainly fakes ) combat earned and an original WW11 pre 1945 issue. Price in Australian $, FREE SHIPPING!. Ive seen quality similar for avg USA$500

Code: 54

495.00 AUD

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