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Binoculars WW2 German

A great original example of German military issued 6x30 combat binoculars. The lens bodies retain 100% of their original rough textured black finish and the aluminium end fittings retain about 50% of the original, smooth black painted finish. The eye sockets are intact and the focus adjustments work fine. The right end is marked "Dienstglas" , the left side has the manufacturer's three letter code of "bmk.and KH O". This was the secret military code for "Srb & Stys, Fabrik praeziser Messinstrumente, Prag. The optics are clear. All in all a nice set of German WW2 early war binoculars which would no doubt have seen plenty of action. From my own collection AUD$375 = USA$270. Free Shipping.

Code: 96

375.00 AUD

SS group

This is a fantastic grouping of six SS members marching with the Munchen Deutchland Erwache banner and arer in pristine condition.
These figures are extremely well detailed and correct, they are lead based and quite heavy being nearly three inches (70mm) high.
They are something quite special and display outstandingly.
I purchased these about 18 years ago and paid over USA$600 for them, as I'm winding down my collection I'll let them go for USA$650 = AUD$900. Free shipping

Code: 95

900.00 AUD

HJ badge

This bronze HJ achievement badge consists of a Tyr-Rune or Runic T, on this is superimposed a swastika, on the flat field of the circle in raised sham runic script it reads ( Fur Leistunen in der HJ ) "For proficiency in the HJ". Maker stamped M1/35 for Wachtler & Lange.
This was not an easy award to earn, it consisted of at least eight ideology studies as well as various sporting an physical contests.
Free shipping. AUD$285 = USA$200.

Code: 94

285.00 AUD


An early fine quality NSDAP 10 year long service award cross ( Die Dienstauszeichnung der NSDAP) being the heavy two piece example. The medal is emblazoned with the inscription in German Treu fur Fuhrer und Volk ("Loyalty to the Leader and People").
Scarce award to find nowadays.

Code: 93

385.00 AUD

German Police Medal

A nice example of the of the police medal ( Politzie-Dienstauszeichnung abzeichen ) for 18 years of service in the police force.
Adolph Hitler ordered the institution of an award for members of the Politzie who met qualifications based on length of service.
Free tracked shipping. $385 Australian = USA$275

Code: 92

385.00 AUD

SS arm eagle

A great example of an SS tunic cut off Bevo Waffen SS ER/NCO arm eagle beautifully machine stitched.
These cut off insignia have a special appeal as they were on uniforms and were there in combat.

Priced at AUD$900 = USA$650
Free tracked shipping.

Code: 91

900.00 AUD

Waffen SS Officer's Arm Eagle

A beautiful hand embroidered Waffen SS officer's arm eagle in bright silver/aluminium wire and bullion threads with black accent threads on a cut out black wool base. Purchased by me years ago from a reputable UK dealer.
$1400 Australian dollars equals USA$1000.
Free tracked shipping.

Code: 90

1400.00 AUD

DLV Collar Tabs

A real nice matching pair of tunic removed DLV (Deutcher Luftsport Verband ) Sturmfuhrer collar tabs.

Set up by the Nazi party in March 1933, military flying training was done under the guise of the German Air Sports Association.

$375 Australian dollars equals approx USA$265.

Free tracked shipping.

Code: 89

375.00 AUD

LW HG collar tabs

In perfect condition a matched pair of collar tabs for an Oberleutnant of the Hermann Goring Luftwaffe Division.

Priced in Aussi dollars equals approx USD$400
Free tracked shipping.

Code: 88

595.00 AUD

SA Collar Tab

A single example in perfect condition with it's original RZM label and I believe it's a HAUPTGEMEINSCHAFTSLEITER rank tab.
( Head Community Leader )

Priced in Aussi dollars approx USD$160
Free tracked shipping.

Code: 87

225.00 AUD