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WW2 Australian field dressing

WW2 Commonwealth of Australia Shell Dressing dated April 1942, made by Johnston & Johnston P/L Sydney.

Code: 14

30.00 AUD

WW2 German Wound Dressing

Dated 1942 this field dressing was manufactured by Lohmann K.G. Fahr a RH.
In perfect unopened condition,
Free shipping anywhere on this original Wehrmacht issue bandage.

Code: 13

95.00 AUD


If you have the appropriate boots these SS spurs would enhance them greatly or just a cool item to have.
Both leather straps are RZM marked with the SS runes in a circle.
Free shipping on these, as always guaranteed pre1945 originals.

Code: 12

175.00 AUD

RLB Buckle

An early RLB air raid protection league "Reichshuftschutzbund" ER/NCO buckle.
This is one of the hard to get buckles as collectors would know, I've based the price about thirty % below what I've seen similar sold at auction and dealers.
Free shipping anywhere on this one.

Code: 11

300.00 AUD


In lovely condition is this rare NSDAP Jugend belt buckle correctly stamped with the "DRGM" authorisation.
I'm always trying where possible to base my prices on similar items sold on auctions or on various reputable militaria sites.
The diiference being my prices will be lower.
Free shipping anywhere on this item.

Code: 10

225.00 AUD

M16 Camo Stahlhelm

Forget the fakes that abound, this is a 100% original M16 issued in combat in WW1 and then had field camouflage applied.
The paint is quite faded as would be the case if used and then being over 100 years old.
There is a makers stamp which is partially obscured but I see a T.
This incredible helmet has its ORIGINAL LINER and ORIGINAL CHINSTRAP, both in real nice shape.
Shipping will only be charged at actual cost.
From my own collection.

Code: 9

1750.00 AUD

M40 Wire Frame Stahlhelm.

Look at the photos to appreciate this stunning M40 helmet. The wire frame has been worked nicely, the wire is ingrained with matter accumulated over the years as is the underside of the wire where it is undisturbed.
The liner is original as is the chinstrap, both in nice condition.
It is maker stamped ET64 batch no:237.
From my own collection this is the real deal but at a very fair price.
Shipping cost to you will be my cost only.

Code: 8

1500.00 AUD

Teno Armband

Here you have an original pre 1945 Ges Gesch H & F marked Teno armband.
Lots of fakes out there, this is one from my collection. Free shipping on this one.

Code: 6

150.00 AUD

Hobnailed Boots

A wonderfully made pair of a WW2 German officers privately purchased hobnailed combat boots.
Generally officers non combat boots were without the hobnails, I guess for pretty obvious reasons.
These are indeed a rare and desirable pair , perfect for display or a mannequin or I guess you could wear them if that,s your thing.
I charge only actual shipping costs, these boots are from my personal collection.

Code: 4

250.00 AUD

Fallschirmjager ( parachutists ) ring.

A service canteen purchase, this 1st pattern Fallschirmjager eagle ring is marked with 800. Embellished to the sides with elaborate in relief filigree. I have seen an identical sold on auction for USA$140. Free Shipping anywhere in the world on this one. From my personal collection.

Code: 1

120.00 AUD

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