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M34 DD Heer Helmet.

This ultra rare M34 army officer's parade helmet is in fine condition, the Heer eagle decal is 100%, the escutcheon decal is at about 75%. the interior liner is all there with just one finger with a partial tear. The early pea green exterior finish is original with little wear and NO rust. The chinstrap is the quick-release style, intact and pliable. My research shows only one similar for sale, by a notable dealer listed at USA$4500 but in poorer condition. Now is your opportunity to add this rare example to your collection for only USA$3500 which is $4750 Australian dollars, including tracked shipping.

Code: 70

4750.00 AUD

WW11 German Customs Official's cufftitle

A beautiful example known as the ( Landzollebeamte Armelstrieffen. The national customs service was responsible for imposing and collecting taxes but also with border defense duties and given further policing responsibilities including the apprehension of individuals fleeing the NSDAP's yoke. All personnel
below the rank of General were required to wear the cufftitle on the lower left sleeve of the service tunic.

Code: 68

175.00 AUD

Werkfrauengruppe cufftitle

A beautiful example,this is the cufftitle of the womans labour corps ( Werkfrauengruppe) or known as an Armelstreiffen. Features silver flatwire embroidery on a dark blue basketweave material with royal blue piping, a very rare item.. Shipping included.

Code: 67

245.00 AUD

Air raid warning ( Luftschutz )

A textbook example of the Luftschutzwarndienst Armelstrieifen cufftitle. It has the makers mark K.R.A.N. in silver/ grey rayon threads, on a full length woven green rayon construction. The Luftschutz were responsible for the observation and analysis of all aircraft in German skies, and the sounding of air raid warning devices. Free tracked shipping on this cufftitle from my own collection.

Code: 66

275.00 AUD

SA Defence Badge.

Formerly known as the SA sports badge ( Das SA-Wehrabzeichen) is awarded after passing examinations, to retain the badge requires keeping a clean record in National Socialism and annual retraining. From my own collection and in lovely condition. Quite a rare badge it is maker marked at rear M1/52. Priced in Australian dollars as all my items are and under what I've seen similar sell for. Free shipping and tracking on this desirable badge.

Code: 63

235.00 AUD


This is a guaranteed original pre 1945 tunic removed textbook example of a Bevo Feldgendarmerie (military field police) cufftitle. Duties included military traffic control, maintaining discipline and compliance of orders of troops, apprehension of stragglers and deserters and anti-partisan suppression and control in the occupied rear areas of battle amongst other tasks. As always prices in Australian dollars, free tracked shipping on this rare piece.

Code: 65

525.00 AUD

WW11 German three place ribbon bar.

Nice original pre 1945 3 place ribbon bar with 2 metal devices. From my collection, free tracked shipping on this one.

Code: 61

220.00 AUD

WW11 German ribbon bar.

Nice Eastern winter campaign medal ribbon. Tough medal to earn requiring a minimum of 14 days in combat. Free shipping on this one.

Code: 62

85.00 AUD

WW11 German 8 place ribbon bar.

From my own collection this 8 place ribbon bar has three metal devices. Guaranteed original pre 1945, free tracked shipping on this item.

Code: 60

400.00 AUD

WW11 German 9 place ribbon bar.

Desirable 9 place ribbon bar with 5 metal devices. From my own collection and guaranteed original pre 1945. Priced below what I've seen similar sell for. Free tracked shipping on this desirable piece.

Code: 59

450.00 AUD

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